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Castle on Hill

New Blackmore's Night
tour dates added! 

See Ritchie's live Q&A from Minstrel Hall!

Thank you to the CEO of Fender

Share your favorite Blackmore's Night photo memories with us and the world! The submissions can be sent via direct message to the Instagram account @blackmoresnightmemorybook or via email to

New Blackmore's Night
items are available!
One of our favorites?
The 25th anniversary Blackmores Night charm bracelet and earrings!
1 charm per album or customize your own bracelet with your favorite cds represented!


Check into our social media pages for daily updates and fan photos and videos of the shows.


Thieves pose as Ritchie to scam innocents out of money. Do not send money to anyone you dont know. See story, and Ritchie's inspiring words in clip below. 

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